Vue.js Carousels: SSR Support And Performance

Web Performance Optimization I am one of the CoE members in GSShop. Our company invests startups, and I help them to grow. Last time, I was assisting Luxstay(Vietnamese share house) by making their web faster. Cool! See how web performance affects your business. This article is from the journey exploring the SSR support of the Vue.js carousels. It ends with … Continue reading Vue.js Carousels: SSR Support And Performance

A Sneak peek to Javascript AOP

As of last week, one of my co-workers has translated an article about ES6 Proxy. Soon after I read that, I came up with an idea about JavaScript AOP(Aspect Oriented Programming). I talked to myself, Is there anyone who talk about it? How’s it going on in JavaScript world? Here I share what I found and explain how Proxy is related to AOP.